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Frontier® Business

Connect with your customers and let Frontier handle the rest. Stay connected with business Internet, phone, Wi-Fi, managed security services, and more.

First-Rate Business Service without Compromises

There’s no need for penny-pinching when you bundle Frontier Business products. That's because you enhance your connectivity and value with each service you add to your bundle.


Business Internet

  • Speed tiers to fit your business needs and budget
  • Locked-in pricing on service
  • Dynamic and static IP options

Business Wi-Fi

  • Automatic steering for the best connection
  • Networks for guests and employees
  • One less thing to manage

Business Phone

  • Flexible calling plans
  • Advanced management features
  • Scalable solutions

Business Security

  • Packages to help secure your data and Internet
  • Protection for your devices
  • Unique solutions for your business

Business Internet, Wi-Fi and Phone That Fits Your Operation

Strengthen customer relationships with strong connections. Sign up for a customized Frontier Business plan that fits the needs of your organization.

Take Charge of Your Security with Frontier Secure®

Managing your cybersecurity is costly and time-consuming, especially if you want a security team that is up-to-date on the latest threats. Frontier Secure helps give you protection for your data and devices. Less worry about security means you focus on what matters most—your business.

How Is Frontier Business Different?

Frontier isn't just about business Internet or business phone. Frontier can offer your business a complete solution that covers connectivity, security, and support across all of your business operations. Whether you need an extensive voice system, network-ready Internet, business-focused Wi-Fi, or shared clouds and security services, Frontier can help. With a simple bill, 24/7 tech support, and plenty of options that fit your business model, Frontier Business is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Business Services are Available in My Area?

Frontier offers several services, but availability depends on your location. If you want to know more about what's available in your area, fill out our contact form and talk with a representative who can tell you exactly what kind of services and package deals you might qualify for.

Why Subscribe to a Business Bundle?

It's rarely the case that a business just needs a single service. Outside of Business Internet and phone service, you might need managed security, Wi-Fi, cloud storage, additional support, and more. When you bundle with Frontier, you can get exactly what you need (and not anything more) with a customized plan that fits your budget.

What Kind of Business Service is Right for Me?

Business services provide many more configurable and powerful options than residential. You can choose from dynamic and static IPs for your Internet connection, plus Wi-Fi, Voice and managed services that can be tailored specifically to your requirements.

Frontier Services Help Small Businesses Succeed

Competing in today's digital market means having a great technical foundation and the right tools to reach customers and grow your outreach. With Frontier Business Internet and Security solutions, you get it all at prices that won't break your budget.