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Frontier Secure®

Do you want Internet or do you want secure Internet? Invest in security for your data for less than a dollar per day, depending on your needs. Get started with Security Pro by Frontier Secure.

Protect and Secure Your Data with Frontier Secure

Don't wait until you or your business is a victim of ransomware or malware. Signup for Frontier's Internet and Security bundle Security Pro to secure your data and broadband with top-notch technical support and software. This bundle is perfect for small businesses with 20 or less employees who need a cost-effective security solution and don't want to hire full-time security specialists.

Security Pro Bundle




per month plus taxes and fees.

  • Includes Computer Security Pro + and Content Anywhere Pro
  • Secure up to 5 Workstations
  • Use up to 50 GB of Cloud Storage for Content Sync and Backup

Frontier Secure Features

Advanced Malware and Spam Protection with Computer Security Pro

Includes protection measures against identity theft and data threats. Guard against spyware, malware, and any other threat from executable files and email.

Powerful Cloud Storage and Collaboration with Content Anywhere Pro

Secure storage and sync between multiple devices into one location. Backup, sync, and restore data on all of your digital devices from secure storage. Cloud storage also includes advanced security to keep that data safe.

Bundle Frontier Secure Services to Cover Your Unique Security Needs

Frontier offers a security bundle that combines key security packages for simple use and billing. With this bundle, you can access several Frontier Secure products like Computer Security Pro and Content Anywhere Pro. Best of all, you can sign up for these bundles at great prices, often only paying dollars a day for advanced security and peace of mind. Get affordable extra add-ons in addition to your bundle like Multi-Device Security and Mobile Security Pro. 

Integrated Business Solutions

Combine Frontier Secure with Frontier Business Internet and Business Phone to have a complete, safe, and reliable business support system. Frontier's connectivity solutions are some of the best in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Internet Security Cost?

Depends on your needs. Frontier Secure is based on your needs and your business operation. No matter what products you choose, however, you're getting great security features for less than a dollar a day. 

Is Frontier Secure Difficult to Install?

No! You don't need complex installation and you won't need a dedicated IT support division. Frontier handles everything, making this a perfect fit for small businesses with 20 or less employees.

What are Critical Cybersecurity Features?

  • Malware Protection helps keep viruses and other forms of intrusion off your devices. These are huge threats to user data.

  • Mobile Device Security helps maintain the security of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops as your staff uses them. You can also get functions to wipe and restore these devices should they get lost or stolen.

  • Automated Updates make it so that you never have to remember that a security update is available.

  • Cloud solutions with encryption and security are becoming almost necessary for serious collaboration and backup.

Frontier Services Help Small Businesses Succeed

Competing in today's digital market means having a great technical foundation and the right tools to reach customers and grow your outreach. With Frontier Business Internet and Security solutions, you get it all at prices that won't break your budget.